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»EDIT« is a blog about using, testing and discussing (digital) tools for working, writing and publishing in the field of academic research.

The way we organize research has changed in the last years. And these changes affect all areas of the academic working routine. There are many tools, like programs, databases, apps or devices, that many of us use very frequently. Although, there are many ways to discuss papers, projects, books and presentations, there are much less conversations about our everyday practices: about what programs we use and how they interact.

Taking a closer look at workflows of different scholars shows, that the problems many of us are facing are very similar. But the working routines are very individual – even if the same tools are used.

This blog is a platform for scholars in the (digital) humanities, where one can find reviews and discussions of programs and research tools. Furthermore, this project contains guest contributions and interviews, in which scholars describe their workflow. What programs and tools they use and how: from note-taking, excerpting, building databases, using reference management software, to writing and publishing.

Using a term from software development, one could say that »EDIT« is a development environment for scholars interested in the question of how to organize research. It is created for those who want to take advantage of digital tools in their research and share their experience.

And yes, of course, this is not half as innovative than it sounds: »The Historian’s Craft in the 21st Century« (THC21) for example started years ago with meetings about using technology in research and daily workflows. And they published a lot of references and helpful texts.

Keywords: note-taking, organizing research, writing, database, reference management, editing, publishing, programming, annotating, collaboration, visualizing, textmining, outlining, presentation, workflow

Picture: Memex, Vannevar Bush

Daniel Meßner – 26.6.2015

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